Kisa is a town with a long history of paper production. Way back in the 1860’s paper production and processing were performed in facilities close to those where Finess Hygiene is located today.

During the later part of the 19th century until the middle of the 20th century the focus was mainly on the production of paper while conversion was limited.

In 1986 the conversion activities were moved to the premises in use today and in connection with that more focus was put into the conversion business.

In 1990 the paper mill and the conversion factory were acquired by DUNI, that took the strategic decision to concentrate the manufacture of hygiene products within the Group to the Kisa factory. At the same time Finess Hygiene was created as a new business area with its own sales force.

In 1995 Finess Hygiene acquired Mellby Medical in Laholm, a company that produced and sold health care products. That production was eventually moved to Kisa.

Finess Hygiene AB became a separate legal entity in 1998. In January 1999 it was acquired by the current owner the ABENA GROUP, a modern and focused company with businesses within the same sector. Since then we are part of the Abena Group’s core business.

In January 2005 Finess Hygiene AB acquired Axiom Sjukvårdsprodukter in Östervåla, a company dedicated mainly to the production of disposable bibs for the health care sector. This factory produces annually around 100 million bibs that are sold worldwide.

In 2006 Finess Hygiene AB was divided in two business units, Production (Export) and Sweden. In 2008 the Swedish business unit was incorporated in a new separate legal entity ABENA AB focusing on sales within Sweden of products manufactured by the different factories within the Group as well as trade products.

Finess Hygiene AB was established in its current form in 2009 with the aim to be the leading supplier to our Group companies as well as to external customers.