The Swedish Produktionslyftet

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Finess Hygiene AB has just ended the work together with
Produktionslyftet and we got a diploma where it was outlined that:

"Finess Hygiene has worked with great enthusiasm in the long
term with its own personnel, internal change agents and management
together with Produktionslyftet in order to make the company more
efficient using the principles of LEAN.
The goal is increased value for the company, customers, as well as
the owners, employees and the society."

We now have to continue our work in the same spirit using the
improvements and working methods that has been
created during the period with Produktionslyftet.

The key words to success:

Reduce waste and having continuous improvement

The Swedish Produktionslyftet is a comprehensive national wide
program initiated by Teknikföretagen and IF Metall in 2006.
The purpose is to raise productivity, competitiveness and
development in Swedish industry and by that strengthen
the possibilities to profitable production in Sweden.