Main application areas

With more than a century in the industry we have developed a wide range of products suitable for many different applications and purposes.

To be guided through our range of hundreds of similar products simply define your needs below and we will offer you a selection.

Whether for personal hygiene or for use in the work-place, we offer solutions. Unfolded, folded or in rolls.
The high wet-strength of our products makes them superior on the market. Simply wet the dry wipes and wash.
There are situations when you or your close surroundings may need shielding, as you go about your work. We offer both personal protection as well as products tailored to prevent contamination of the environment. Their purpose is also to halt the spreading of infectious agents.
When there has been a mishap, the best solution may be to absorb the spilt liquid. We offer a wide range of products suitable for numerous applications.
We not only sell finished products, but also intermediate products for your final conversion. It may be laminates of tissue and film or simply air-laid products. Tell us which items in our range that interest you and we will tailor them to your specific requirements.
For everyday or festive occasions, we deliver tailored table cloth, folded or in rolls for your final conversion.