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Finess brand

- Refined quality from raw material to finished product

Finess Hygiene's brand guarantee Swedish products of highest quality. They are produced during carefully controlled conditions and with carefully selected raw materials.

Finess Hygiene's aim is to be a sensitive actor which works creatively and innovatively to develop its range based on the market's needs. In short – your needs are our starting point.



  • An involved partner that is strongly committed to meeting your company's wishes when it comes to product development, service and deliveries.
  • Top quality Swedish-made products based on Scandinavian raw materials and sustainable production with a low environmental impact.
  • Product knowledge that has been developed over a long period by employees with a broad range of knowledge and solid experience.
  • Innovative ideas and solutions.
  • A wide and complete product range.


The green leaf 

Finess Hygiene AB is symbolised by a beautiful, green leaf. It represents our ambitious environmental work and simultaneously expresses purity and simplicity.

In its seemingly simple form, a leaf is a complex structure which manifests itself in innumerable variants and fulfils different functions and needs. Just like our products. 

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