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What is airlaid?

Airlaid is a textile-like material made from 85% cellulose 
fiber and 15% binding agent. Airlaid is a very bulky, porous and soft material due to the manufacturing process, in which the paper pulp is treated with air. Products made from airlaid are very soft, have a textile-like feel, do not tear and are very absorbent.

What is tissue?

Tissue is the type of paper most used in our production. The raw material is paper pulp, often containing long fibers (when virgin fibers). Pulp made from recycled paper is also used, where the fibers are shorter. In Scandinavia we have slow-growing forests, which results in long fibers, which in turn yield pure, high quality paper pulp of great strength.

What is wet strength?

In order to achieve a wet strength paper a substance is added to the paper pulp that produces waterproof bindings between the fibers of the paper. Wet strength equals the tensile strength of the paper when wet. A high wet strength ensures a paper with very high tensile strength.

What is PE?

Polyethylene, commonly abbreviated PE, is the polymer you see most of in your daily life. Polyethylene is the most popular plastic in the world. Polyethylene is a light and flexible plastic. Thermoplastic can be manufactured with differing properties, e.g. hard or soft. One measure of a plastic’s properties is its density. A higher density provides a stiffer and denser plastic, whilst a lower density produces a more resilient and transparent plastic.

What is nonwoven?

Non-woven is very versatile, much due to the fact that a large number of d­ifferent materials can be used in innumerable combinations. The geometry and structure of fibers used can be engineered and various binding techniques applied to produce particular properties. This means that non-woven has many types of applications and in the future more and more will be customized.

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