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Finess Hygiene AB develops, produces and markets a wide range of disposable hygiene products, based on flexibility and excellent service. These products are mainly used within the hygiene and healthcare sectors, with Europe as our main market. The company converts paper and plastic. We have 90 employees and a turnover of 200 million SEK. Finess Hygiene AB a part of the family-owned Danish company ABENA. ABENA is one of Europe’s most influential company, supplying products within the health sector, with production in Denmark, France and Sweden.

If you do not find a vacant position that suits you, you can always send an open application to our HR Manager Jörgen Pettersson,  jorgen.pettersson@finesshygiene.com. Please let us know what position would be of interest to you. By submitting your CV, you allow us to contact you, if a matching opportunity will arise.

Students and young professionals

The right person at the right place, is a must for Finess Hygiene. This to enable our continuous development and to attain new achievements. A first step to a future career at Finess Hygiene, can take place before you have completed your formal education, via thesis project and practical training.

Not only can Finess Hygiene be the start of your career, as a student you are important to us, as well as we believe that you can help to expand our knowledge and give us an insight to the latest research, in order for us to continue to evolve as a company.

Are you in the near future about to begin your final thesis, write your essay or looking for practical training? Please contact our HR Manager Jörgen Pettersson, jorgen.pettersson@finesshygiene.com.

Finesse Hygiene always observes confidentiality and complies with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). As candidate, when applying for a service or handing in a spontaneous application, you should always rest assured that the information you submit is safe with us.

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