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ABENA AB reports a strong result even after the pandemic

In the annual report for the fiscal year 2021-05-01 - 2022-04-30, ABENA AB reports a strong result with high turnover and maintained profit.

Compared to the previous business year, the demand for disposable gloves and protective wear has decreased and is contributing to reduced prices. However, the war in Ukraine has also made it more difficult to purchase certain products, resulting in higher purchasing prices. Despite this, ABENA AB reports a continued high turnover, maintained profit, and subsequently, the company achieved its financial goals for 2021/2022.

- We have succeeded in meeting our customers' needs for products and solutions both during and after the pandemic. Thanks to all employees and our strong global purchasing network, we have handled this year's challenges well, both in terms of logistics and global supply issues. It has strengthened our brand and helped establish us as a reliable supplier on the Swedish market, says Fredric Moe, CEO of ABENA AB.

Two sister companies became one

On the 1st of November 2022, a merger between ABENA AB and Finess Hygiene AB was carried out.

The two companies have worked side by side for many years, but as sister companies within the Danish ABENA group. The merger brings many positive effects, such as strengthened collaborations and new business opportunities.

- Now we get even closer to the production site and can reach out more widely with our Swedish-made products, which align perfectly with our sustainability goals. Together, we are now looking at how we can develop our range further, to meet customers' demands and at the same time, contribute to a better climate, says Fredric Moe.

Contact for more information:

Fredric Moe, CEO
+46 706 81 04 40


ABENA AB has been operative in Växjö since 2014, has 60 employees, and had a turnover of 550 million SEK in 2022. The company sells and markets consumables, both to the public and private sectors within Sweden.

Finess Hygiene develops and produces hygienic disposable products. Finess is the market leader in Sweden for wipes and wash cloths, and all production takes place in its own factory in Kisa. The company has 75 employees and the turnover in 2021 was approx. 210 million SEK.

After the merger on the 1st of November 2022, ABENA AB has 150 employees in both Växjö and Kisa, and a turnover of over SEK 700 million.





Fredric Moe, CEO ABENA AB