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BIO - High-quality products without plastic

Are you sourcing for or interested in high-quality and hygienic disposable products, made without plastics? Then BIO range is perfect for you! We have recently produced a film with short and easy information about the assortment. It has now been published on our website.

Our BIO range consist of plastic free products made from natural materials only, which makes them fully compostable and biodegradable. They are made in Sweden by us at Finess Hygiene. Produced from locally sourced raw materials, which ensures short transport distances and good working conditions.

Watch our information film or download our digital product specifications to get more information about these products. The material is easy available here on our website.

Are you interested or have questions about BIO range? Do not hesitate to contact us! You can find our contact details by clicking here.






BIO range, high-quality disposable products without plastics, made form natural materials only