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Finess Hygiene’s wipes and wash cloth assortment has been extended with new products

We are very happy to present 4 new products to our wipe and wash cloth assortment. These new products enables us to provide a wide and complete product range of what we do best!

Our wipes and wash cloths are ideal and hygienic to use for personal hygiene, baby and beauty care, cleaning and sanitizing. Use them dry, slightly dampened or totally saturated with water. When used together with water, they get very soft. The high wet strength makes them very strong, even when wet. And the absorption capacity is outstanding, thanks to our high-quality raw materials.

Haven’t you discovered our wipes and wash cloths yet? Are you interested to know more? Read more, or why not download our product specifications. Visit the page for our wipes/wash cloths to get access to all information.

Please get in touch with our dedicated sales team for further information and assistance. You can find our contact details on the contact page.

We look forward to hearing from you!



Finess Hygienes wipes and wash cloths, available in airlaid and tissue. Strong absorption.