Medical device assortment

Finess Hygiene’s medical device assortment offers a wide range of high-quality disposable hygiene products that can be used in operating theatres, health care or similar. We have included a variety of products which gives you the opportunity to adjust our products to your needs.

The assortment includes cellulose wadding, aprons, gloves, small protective sheets, and wipes. They are convenient to combine with other products when creating trays or sets, for example within operating theatres, health care, etc. Since application areas may vary, our selection comes in different variants and materials, to match your intended purpose.


  • Ideal and hygienic to use for absorption of liquids, wiping off surfaces, etc.
  • High absorption capacity.
  • Supplied in plain sheets in different sizes.
  • High-quality tissue, bleached.
  • Certified according to Nordic Swan ecolabel.


  • Ideal and hygienic to use as protection against spills and splashes.
  • Appropriate to use when the wearer’s clothes need to be protected.
  • Our selection comes in different variants, materials, and sizes, to match your intended purpose:
    - Apron with neck loop and back waist ties
    - Apron with tape fastening on shoulders and waist
    - Apron with tape fastening on shoulders


  • Ideal and hygienic as protection against liquids, for example, when sampling or making wound changes.
  • Also suitable as protection for medical instruments.
  • Fast and excellent absorption abilities, thanks to high-quality tissue.
  • Strong, resilient, and liquid-safe, thanks to high-quality PE-film.
  • The tissue effectively absorbs the fluid and the film prevents leakage.
  • Available in different sizes, to match your intended purpose.


  • Ideal and hygienic for health care, cleaning and sanitizing, wiping up liquids, etc.
  • Great strength and absorption.
  • Very soft when wet.
  • Tissue wipe in 6 layers, C-folded. Made of high-quality Scandinavian tissue.
  • Soft wipe on roll, perforated. Made of high-quality and soft airlaid.


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