Wipes/wash cloths of tissue

Our high quality standards and unique expertise allow us to offer tissue wipes of the absolute best quality, in terms of strength and absorption, regardless of their intended use.

With their unique product features, our disposable tissue wipes are perfect to use in many areas. They have excellent absorption capacity, which is an important characteristic within baby and beauty care, personal hygiene, cleaning, and sanitizing.

The high wet strength together with the absorption capacity make them very durable. Use them dry, moistened, or fully saturated with water. They become even softer when wet.

We manufacture our wipes plain or in various folds, such as C-fold and ½ C-fold. A folded wipe is easier to remove from its packaging, providing a more hygienic option.

All tissue wipes are eco-labeled with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel and/or FSC, meaning they are made with care and consideration for the environment. All wipes are also dermatologically tested and approved by accredited testing companies, making them suitable for individuals with sensitive skin.

Made in different layers, to match different purposes:


Ideal for baby and beauty care.

  • Excellent strength and absorption.
  • Very soft when wet.


Ideal for hospitals and homes for the elderly, as well as for cleaning and sanitizing.

  • Excellent comfort, strength, and absorption.
  • Very soft when wet.


Ideal for cleaning and sanitizing, e.g. in the kitchen, bathroom, garage, and car.

  • Very high strength and absorption.
  • Very soft when wet.

Enjoy our instructional film, a short but informative introduction of
how to use our disposable wipes and wash cloths made of tissue.



Tissue wipes for health care

Tissue wipes for cleaning

Finess Hygienes wipes and wash cloth are Nordic Swan Ecolabel

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