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Complementary products

Our standard range also includes a variety of complementary products: Gloves, Cellulose wadding, Couch rolls , Trayliner etc.


  • The most important thing, when choosing disposable gloves, is their intended use and the need for protection against the various risks that may be encountered when using them.
  • Our long experience with gloves, means that our customers are offered expert help in selecting the right product.
  • All of our gloves meet the relevant quality and safety requirements and fulfill all relevant European standards, including all EN-455 standards.


  • Cellulose wadding are sheets made of cellulose and are designed for wiping up and absorbing spilled liquids.
  • We offer bleached cellulose wadding in a range of sizes.
  • We can also offer cellulose wadding on rolls, with or without embossing in different patterns, designed for coffin lining.


  • Couch rolls can be used in clinics, for examinations, or for other medical procedures, where surface protection is required.
  • Our couch rolls are also available in individual sheets, made of high-quality Scandinavian tissue, with or without PE backing. We offer a range of grades, sizes, and lengths, with or without perforation, for greater flexibility.


  • Trayliner are sheets made of nonwoven. It can be used when doing steam sterilization of medical instruments etc.
  • The sheets absorb excessive condensation, for example during sterilization.
  • Very high absorption capacity: can absorb 5 times its weight.
  • Can also be used to absorb moisture or to wipe up liquids.
  • We offer our trayliner in a range of sizes.

Cellulose wadding

Protective sheets for beds

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