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Dry Pad

Finess Hygiene's brand new and innovative product, Dry Pad, has been developed together with a professional nurse, with many years of experience within the health care area.

The shape of Dry Pad is unique and has been established based on being used onto the body. The product is made from an exclusive and soft material, which provides a comfortable feeling against the skin. Dry Pad absorbs moisture fast and easily and prevents redness and irritation.

Dry Pad is easy to apply in many places, where it otherwise could be difficult to reach, e.g. in the groin, under the bust, in the armpit, between folds in skin, between the buttocks, in the hand, or anywhere where moisture can appear. Due to its unique shape, the product stays well in place.

The purpose with Dry Pad is to improve the quality of life for patients. At the same time, it is a very economical alternative to other products.

Dry Pad is dermatologically tested and approved by accredited testing companies.



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