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Finess Hygiene’s laminates are supplied on rolls in a variety of widths and diameters, this is to cater to customers who wish to do their own converting. In our laminate rolls, we use top-quality Scandinavian PE, tissue, nonwoven, and airlaid tissue.

We have many years' experience in producing customised laminate rolls in a variety of designs. We have two laminate machines, and are therefore able to offer a range of combinations of high-quality laminate, together with the potential of combining a variety of materials and numbers of layers.

As requirements vary, we can offer additional features, such as leakage barriers, thread reinforcement and various types of adhesives, everything to meet the unique needs of our customers.


  • The laminate has a barrier layer of plastic on the underside to protect against leaks.
  • Leakage barriers can be applied lengthwise to ensure maximum leakage control.
  • We can also implement thread reinforcement for a stronger laminate.


  • We offer a variety of qualities, such as airlaid tissue or airlaid, or in combination with a protective film which protects the table from liquid.
  • We laminate using top quality Scandinavian plastic, tissue and airlaid tissue.
  • We offer a variety of colour combinations such as white, cream, red, gold and silver, as well as transparent.
  • We also offer pre-converted tablecloths.


  • These are available in double or triple layers.
  • We laminate using top quality Scandinavian plastic, tissue and non-woven material.
  • We manufacture our surgical laminates in accordance with the requirements of (EU) MDR 2017/745. They can therefore be used in a wide variety of environments.
  • In most cases, the laminates can be sterilised with ETO/ Gamma.


Finess Hygiene also offer a range of disposable protective surgical drapes, cloths and sheets to use during examinations, in operating theatres or similar. The products have a high absorption capacity, are non-reflective and made from a noiseless material. With the possibility to pack your own customised sets or individual tablecloths and sheets. The material is also well suited for use with textile surgical products.


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Material Packaging

Tissue or airlaid protective laminates

Laminates for table products, made of airlaid or tissue. Can be combined with protective film

Medical protective sheets and surgical drapes

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