Protective sheets

Finess Hygiene’s protective sheets are soft, highly absorbent and very strong. We manufacture our sheets according to the EU Medical Device Directive, MDD 93/42/EEC and because of this, they can be used in a wide variety of applications. 

Our protective sheets can be used in the operating theatre or at hospitals, e.g. in beds, as a complement to other incontinence products, to prevent leaks. They are also suitable to bring when on a trip or on holiday. The majority of the grades we produce have a leakage barrier along the long side. We also have products with additional reinforcement thanks to special threads. The threads are made of polyester and thus provide extra strength lengthwise. We can also combine leakage barrier and thread reinforcement together in our products.

Since application areas vary, we offer sheets in various grades and lengths.


The best choice when price is key but protection is also important.

  • One layer of thinner tissue and one layer of strong, resilient plastic.
  • Without thread reinforcement.


A functional sheet that meets basic quality requirements.

  • One layer of tissue and one layer of strong, resilient plastic. 
  • With leakage barriers.
  • Without thread reinforcement.


Choose this sheet when you need better absorption.

  • One layer of stronger tissue and one layer of strong, resilient plastic.
  • With leakage barriers.
  • Without thread reinforcement.


This is a good choice if you need a stronger protective sheet.

  • One layer of tissue and one layer of strong, resilient plastic.
  • With leakage barriers. 
  • With thread reinforcement.


This is the strongest protective sheet we offer and it has a very high absorption capacity. using the right technique, the sheet is strong enough to be used to  slide a patient from one stretcher to another.

  • Two layers of tissue and one layer of strong, resilient plastic.
  • With leakage barriers.
  • With thread reinforcement.


This is the most comfortable among the protective sheets, offering very high absorption capacity, as well as excellent strength and a nice textile feel.

  • One layer of thick airlaid tissue, as well as a layer of strong, resilient plastic. 
  • With double leakage barriers.
  • Without thread reinforcement. 


Do you want to know more about what materials we use in our products, or maybe what our packaging process looks like? Click below to read more.

Material Packaging




Medical protective sheets, well suitable for operation theatres, emergency care, ambulances

We want our customers to get the right product at the right price. That is why we have so many different grades for you to choose from.