Wash gloves

Finess Hygiene's disposable wash gloves are functional and easy for all types of body wash. They can be used in different areas, such as personal hygiene, health care, beauty care etc.

Due to the pocket shape, the wash glove fits the hand well and stays well in place during use. They are also made with a staggered opening, for an easy access. It is the optimal choice for patients who can and wish to wash themselves. 

Our wash gloves can be used slightly dampened, which provides a good scrubbing effect on the skin. Good for stimulation and circulation. They can also be totally saturated with water, which then makes them soft and suitable for gentle personal hygiene. One difference when comparing wash gloves with traditional wipes, is that a wash glove provides a firm grip during use. Our recommendation is to use a disposable glove (latex or nitril) in combination with the wash glove.

All products in our wash glove assortment are dermatologically tested, which makes them suitable to use for people with sensitive skin. All tests are carried out and approved by accredited testing companies.

Enjoy our instructional film, a short but informative introduction of how to use our wash gloves. The film contains easy descriptions regarding usage and storage.


Our selection of wash gloves comes in different materials, to match your intended purpose:


  • Soft and absorbent airlaid
  • Strong and resilient PE-film


  • Soft and absorbent airlaid
  • Strong and resilient BIO-film
  • Fully compostable and biodegradable


  • Soft and absorbent nonwoven
  • Needle punch
  • Non-optic bleached material
  • 100% polyester


  • Soft and absorbent nonwoven
  • Spun lace
  • Non-optic bleached material
  • With a squared pattern. Gives a comfortable feeling on the skin
  • 70% polyester + 30% viscose


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Wash gloves that are dermatologically tested. Suitable for sensitive skin.

Disposable and hygienic wash gloves are ideal to use for all types of body wash

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