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Finess Hygiene’s airlaid wipes and wash cloths are very soft, strong and have good absorption capacity, which are important characteristics within baby and beauty care. They are also highly suitable to use for personal hygiene or cleaning and sanitizing.

Our high quality standards and unique expertise, enables us to offer you an airlaid wipe and wash cloth of highest quality, in terms of softness, strength and absorption, no matter desired usage area.

We manufacture our airlaid wipes and wash cloths plain or folded in various demands, such as c-folded and 1/2 c-folded. A folded wipe/wash cloth is easy to remove from the packaging, which makes it a more hygienic alternative. Our airlaid wipes and wash cloths are also available on rolls in different variants.

Enjoy our instructional film, a short but informative introduction of how to use our disposable wipes and wash cloths made of airlaid.


Finess Hygiene’s also manufacture airlaid towels. They are available in a number of sizes to make them usable in many areas. We have everything from smaller cloths to larger bath sheets. Our airlaid towels are manufactured from soft airlaid in various thicknesses, depending on need, in terms of strength and absorption. The towels are available plain or folded.

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Airlaid wipes and wash cloths for beauty care. Hygiene wash cloths

Airlaid fabric wash wipes and wash cloths for baby care

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