Finess Hygiene's tissue wipes, with their unique properties, such as strength and absorption capacity, makes them perfect for a great number of applications, e.g. baby care, personal hygiene, cleaning and sanitizing. They are available in many different layers, folds, sizes and grades.

We use high quality Scandinavian tissue with long fibers, which results in a very strong wipe. All of our tissue wipes, are eco-labelled with the Nordic Swan ecolabel symbol, which means that they have been produced with care and consideration for the environment. We cooperate with local raw material suppliers with the objective of minimising our transport distances. Our wipes are manufactured plain or folded in various demands, such as c-folded, z-folded and ½ c-folded. A folded wipe is easy to remove from the packaging, which makes it a more hygienic alternative.


3-ply tissue wipes

Ideal for baby and beauty care.

  • Excellent strength and absorption.
  • Very soft when wet.

6-ply tissue wipes

Ideal to use in hospitals and homes for elderly, as well as for cleaning and sanitizing.

  • Excellent comfort, strength and absorption.
  • Very soft when wet.

9-ply tissue wipes

Ideal for cleaning and sanitizing, e.g. in the kitchen, bathroom, garage and car.

  • Very high strength and absorption.
  • Very soft when wet.


Do you want to know more about what materials we use in our products, or maybe what our packaging process looks like? Click below to read more.

Material Packaging

Tissue wipes for health care

Tissue wipes for cleaning


Finess Hygienes wipes and wash cloth are Nordic Swan Ecolabel