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Do you want to get in touch with us? Here below you can find our contact details.

Fredric Moe

CEO info@finesshygiene.com

Camilla Hiljanen

CFO info@finesshygiene.com

Peter Ferm

Commercial Director peter.ferm@finesshygiene.com

Peter Johnsson

Supply Chain Manager info@finesshygiene.com

Emma Jarledal

Area Sales Manager - Retail Sweden emma.jarledal@finesshygiene.com

Rickard Törnqvist

Area Sales Manager - Export rickard.tornqvist@finesshygiene.com

Anna Coghlin

In-house Sales anna.coghlin@finesshygiene.com

Lilian Larsson

Sales Support lilian.larsson@finesshygiene.com

Maria Lindell

Marketing Coordinator maria.lindell@finesshygiene.com

Maria H Johansson

Product Manager maria.johansson@finesshygiene.com

Rebecca Nilsson

Marketing Communicator rebecca.nilsson@finesshygiene.com

Post address:

ABENA AB c/o Finess Hygiene
Box 134
590 40 Kisa

Phone: +46 494 15100
Fax: +46 494 15191
E-mail: info@finesshygiene.com

Visit us:

ABENA AB c/o Finess Hygiene
Tolvmannavägen 1
590 38 Kisa

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